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“Thank you all. Because of you I was able to get treatment at the Pathway Home. You saved my life. God bless you all.” (Retired soldier suffering from PTSD)

“My brother was wounded while serving in combat operation in Iraq. Angel Airlines for Veterans provided airfare for us to travel to a specialty hospital. Without their support, our family would have experienced a financial hardship. A great organization!”

“Just a note to give a HUGE, HUGE THANKS for your help getting air transportation for my PTSD, Marine brother, Ralph, who after 20 years, surfaced in Reno, NV. The plan is finally set, he is returning home. He, my sister and brother-in-law are fully funded for the flight back home. Ralph will be admitted into the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home in southern Maryland.”

Darby“My flashbacks used to include me hiding in the state forest for hours on end in the middle of winter without proper clothing, to now I have a flashback perhaps once a month and I remain seated. My service dog Darby alerts me to the flashbacks and works to stop them from occurring. Without Angel Airlines for Veterans, I would not be here today.”

“I am an Iraqi Vet, injured in South Baghdad, in 2005. I’ve had 24 surgeries to be able to walk again. Angel Airlines for Veterans has been such an amazing organization to my wife and I. We have had to go back and forth to BAMC (San Antonio) for medical reasons, and have NOT had to be concerned with transportation from San Diego to BAMC. It is a huge stress relief. Without your support, these trips would be out of our financial reach, therefore not allowing me to receive the proper care needed.”

“I recently had the opportunity to hear first hand from a wounded Marine captain the significant impact Angel Airlines for Vets made in the lives of him and his family. Suffering from severe PTSD, AA4Vets was able to get him to a treatment center in a different state. This allowed him to get the first class treatment he deserved as well as assist in his reintegration with his family. To see the difference it made for him and family was priceless.”