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Transport Modes

Commercial Airline Tickets

Angel Airlines for Veterans coordinates charitable flights on commercial airlines for patients and escorts needing to travel more than 750 miles to access medical or rehabilitative care.  AA4Vets partners with Mercy Medical Angels to provide flights through Delta, United, Southwest and American Airlines’ Miles for Kids.

Volunteer Pilot Operations

Through its partner charity Angel Flight, volunteer pilots are available to veterans and escorts needing transportation for medical treatment. Patients must be ambulatory, which means they must be able to walk, enter and exit the plane with little or no assistance, and require no medical care (i.e., doctor or nurse) en route. There must be a financial or compelling need for the flight. Volunteer pilot organizations can assist only when the destination is within 750 miles.

Long Distance Ground Transportation

Angel Airlines for Veterans arranges charitable, non-local trips for veterans who are unable to fly or who need to travel a relatively short distance to access medical care. Through partner charity Angel Wheels, we provide gas cards and commercial train and bus tickets. The typical trip does not exceed 300 miles.